It’s the simplest things that make our relationship rich and worthwhile

We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary and it surprised me. Not that we’ve been married this long, but that I got married at all.

I didn’t plan on it. Getting married. Was happy, comfortable living alone.

Enjoyed my relationship with Mr. J and also the independence I had. But…

Use these habits to develop a luck mindset — and be sure to keep your fingers crossed

There were planets cut out from construction paper taped to the gym floor in a wide circle. Each had a number written on it in black marker.

When the music played, if you had a ticket, you could hop from planet to planet. When the music stopped, a volunteer would…

Develop your own Editorial Calendar and use it to cultivate regular sales and a steady income stream.

In November I’m writing an article about gratitude. A podcast in December focuses on simple party planning tips. And, in March, I’ve got a post about entrepreneurial vacations lined up.

I haven’t written any of these yet, haven’t created the content, but thanks to my editorial calendar, I know what…

When I set up shop 26 years ago, I wanted to create a sustainable career. To do it, I needed to create a life.

This morning I made breakfast for my teenager, then took her to school. Made it to my dentist appointment by 8 a.m. Checked in on a friend, after. …

Learn to use your intuition and it will give you an edge when it comes to decision making, innovation, and growth.

It may appear to you as a vision or dream. Some say they hear words almost like they’ve been spoken to. Others experience a slate of synchronicities or notice that colors become brighter, bolder.

My intuition usually hits as a feeling. A stomach-churning, buzzing, or sense of comfort and ease…

There are a lot of factors to consider before launching a show. Here are some of them.

Three years ago, I launched my podcast Polly Campbell, Simply Said. It is one of more than 2,000,000 podcasts airing worldwide, according to podcast statistics from, which reviews podcasts and the industry.

With thousands of listeners and downloads each month, my show is small potatoes compared to the 16…

Stress can make you sick and jeopardize the health of your business. Don’t let that happen.

When you are building a business, creating systems and processes to grow your platform, develop your product, build your thing, write your book, the pressure can be intense. Unrelenting.

There is a lot to learn, create, manage. Receivables. Payroll. Inventory. Editors. Contractors. Suppliers. Distributors. Clients and sales. Projections and budgets…

Trade out the networking breakfasts and meet-and-greets for something that feels a little more authentic

When I first set up shop as a young writer, I got loads of invites to networking events. Chamber lunches. Le Tip meetings. Breakfast clubs, after-work mixers. There are plenty of organizations and groups that welcome new members and can be sources of business leads.

I went to them all…

It isn’t easy to turn away a lucrative job, but sometimes the emotional cost is too high to continue.

We met in his conference room. It was bigger than my entire office. He sat across from me at a table so polished I could see my reflection.

He’d been in business for two decades. Me? I’d started my own writing / P.R company only eight months earlier.

We talked…

Avoid the afternoon energy slump and recharge

It was 3 p.m. Friday and I was curled up on the right corner of the couch. Head pressed against the hard armrest, too tired to get a pillow. Dog pressed against my back, no help at all.

I counted the hours until bed. Could I be asleep by 8…

Polly Campbell

Author: You, Recharged; host of Polly Campbell, Simply Said; write psychology, personal development, success strategies, writing. I’m at

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